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ITC’s fragrance brand Engage has launched the second edition of ‘Pocketful O’ Stories’ 2.0, curated and co-authored with romance writer Durjoy Datta. After the success of Engage Pocketful O’ Stories last year, which made it to the bestseller list for fiction, ITC Engage continued the momentum on love albeit with a twist with Engage Pocketful O’ Stories 2.0, published by Penguin Random House. The book is a compilation of crowdsourced micro-tales of impromptu moments of love.

ITC Engage rolled out a crowdsourcing campaign titled #LoveImprompTwo inviting stories on love with a compelling twist at the end of each story. The entire campaign was designed to engage young audiences and fans of the brand to share their own ‘unexpected, uninhibited moments’ of love and playful romance, via Instagram and Twitter in 400 characters, linking it to the functional advantage of the pocket-sized innovation, Engage 2 in1 pocket perfumes. Each pocket perfume pack guarantees 400 sprays and gives consumers a choice of two different yet complementing fragrances.

The response was overwhelming with more than 25,000 stories received. ITC Engage with Durjoy Datta selected the 400 best stories along with some very interesting impromptu love moment stories penned by Datta himself. The book titled Engage Pocketful O’ Stories 2.0 is the compilation of all the micro tales as crowdsourced and curated by Datta and the renowned author’s own moments of Love. 

Sharing his excitement to be associated with this campaign, Datta said, “To see the world of love and romance through a fresh prism is a great experience. When the first few stories came in for the Engage Pocketful O’ Stories, they had my attention instantly. Pretty quickly I realised, short stories carry their intensity for a long time. Every little story, every little twist made me want to read more. It was incredible to see everyone find a new way to look at love. There are times I go back, read a few, just to feel inspired by what they wrote. My compliments to ITC Engage for this idea and I believe the brand truly celebrates innovation in every form, be it a product or a simple book of playfully romantic and intriguing love! It’s a must-read on my list.”

Nandan Jha, Senior Vice-President, Penguin Random House India, said, “This is our second collaboration with ITC’s Engage and we are glad they chose us to create Pocketful O’ Stories in this edition as well. A novel concept to connect with consumers, this book has attracted a lot of positive attention and helped build recall for the product. In a diverse market such as ours, it is important to reinforce brand imagery and narrative in innovative ways and Penguin Enterprise has helped put together high quality ‘engaging’ content which will position ITC’s Engage above the rest.”

Commenting on Engage Pocketful O’ Stories 2.0 book launch, Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC, said, “From the very inception of this idea, Engage has been able to drive affinity among its young consumers in a language they relate to — the language of playful romance. The overwhelming response is an endorsement of this authentic crowdsourcing of micro tales. Durjoy has added credibility to the brand narrative of playful romance — the genre he is best identified with. With the launch on Valentine’s Day, Engage celebrates the ever-evolving, interesting paradigm of love.”

Engage Pocketful O’ Stories is available at all leading book stores and online at Amazon. The book will also be available on Kindle soon.