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ITC’s Sunfeast has announced the expansion of its footprint in the cakes category with the launch of a new sub-brand, Sunfeast Caker. The name Sunfeast ‘Caker’ is a manifesto that speaks to every cake lover. The pandemic-led times brought to light the country’s enthusiasm for baking and their love for cakes, resulting in an increased uptick among consumers for packaged cakes.

To address the consumer’s liking for cakes, Sunfeast Caker was launched in three formats, including a first in the category, ‘Trinity’, a reimagined Bakery Choco Swiss Roll and Layer Cakes. Each variant is presented in a safe and hygienically packed packaging, without compromising on the cake’s delivery experience. To promote the launch, Sunfeast Caker observed No Baking Day on November 20.

As a part of the launch campaign, the brand wanted to celebrate the efforts of bakers who have been baking fresh, delightful sweet treats. As a token of gratitude and appreciation to these makers and creators, it collaborated with popular bakers, including Shivesh Bhatia, Chef Kirti Bhoutika, Ritika Jaiswal, among others in the community, who switched roles for a day to become a Caker, a quintessential characteristic of people who savour and indulge in cakes across moments of consumption. They took an off from baking for a day and sat back, relaxed and enjoyed their day snacking on Sunfeast Caker. 

Being one of the newest innovations in the packaged cake category, the influencers encouraged their followers to join in the fun with them and celebrate a day dedicated to them with Sunfeast Caker. In extension to the launch, the campaign was a befitting celebration of the baking community for the efforts and hard work that they put to create recipes and content, to spread the joy of baking.

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Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits and Cakes Cluster, Foods Division, ITC, said, “We hope that ‘No Baking Day’ gave bakers across the nation an opportunity to step away from their daily baking chores and enjoy the signature treats we have crafted for their enjoyment alike. This initiative is Sunfeast Caker’s way of celebrating the hidden Caker in each one of us. A Caker’s love for cakes transcends occasions, formats, sizes, shapes or flavours. It is this spirit that Sunfeast Caker endeavours to celebrate with our disruptive and signature offerings. By collaborating with the baker community, we wanted them to also meet the Caker within and give themselves a breather to enjoy newer cake experiences, which are crafted and baked with the same love as theirs. We hope our Cakers can smell the love for unique, satiating and indulgent experiences, which are locked in our air-tight packaging. The unique patterns and one-of-a-kind choco drizzle textures are sure to delight their palettes, making No Baking Day a customary tradition to look out for, within the baker community.”