IVM Podcasts launches 'Smartphone Nation' podcast

It is the network's first podcast docu-series in partnership with Omidyar Network India

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IVM Podcasts announced that it is launching a documentary style podcast called, ‘Smartphone Nationin partnership with Omidyar Network India.

The 26-episode series will shine a spotlight on the ‘Next Half Billion’ (NHB) – the 500 million first-time internet users who have come online via their smartphones between 2018 and 2022, as per the company statement.

Smartphone Nation premieres on September 15, 2023, on the IVM Podcast Network.

Hosted by the duo of Utsav Mamoria and Niveditha Prakasam, ‘Smartphone Nation’ features the voices of consumers, especially the NHB, entrepreneurs and investors.

Available in English, Hindi and Tamil, Smartphone Nation paints a picture of how pioneering startups are innovating for the Next Half Billion, and how this substantial population segment is reshaping India's socio-economic landscape.

IVM Podcasts stated that from education and healthcare to insurance and transport, the podcast explores game-changing initiatives that cater to the specific needs of these new internet users, providing them with an opportunity for social and economic mobility and improving their lives.

Amit Doshi, Head, IVM Podcasts - Pratilipi, said, “'Smartphone Nation' is not just about technology; it's a celebration of human stories that are reshaping the contours of our nation. Through our partnership with Omidyar Network India, we're giving voice to the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of entrepreneurs and first-time internet users, fostering a deeper understanding of India's digital journey. It's about bridging the gap between technology and human experiences, highlighting not just the digital revolution, but also the human spirit that propels it. As we delve into the narratives of the 'next half billion' and the startups driving this transformative wave, we hope to inspire, educate, and empower audiences across the country.”

Rohan Vyavaharkar, Director, Marketing and Communications, Omidyar Network India said, “The Next Half Billion represent the bottom 60 per cent of India’s income distribution, but they also represent the hustle and ambition of India. Smartphone Nation is an opportunity to underline just how their lives are undergoing transformation due to technology. The show also brings out how the NHB is helping entrepreneurs understand better use of tech to build solutions specifically for them. We hope the show helps listeners appreciate just how much change is afoot on ground while also encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity in innovating for the Next Half Billion.”

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