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Travel platform ixigo’s info-commercial video on ‘Stuff you can take from hotels’ has gone viral over the weekend in light of the recent incident surrounding hotel etiquette involving Indian guests at a hotel abroad. The video, which was conceptualised and produced in-house, showcases a useful guide for hotel guests on what they can and cannot take from a hotel room, in a humorous format.

ixigo’s in-house research team discovered that a lot of travellers are in a grey area when it comes to what's okay and what's off-limits to take home from your hotel room. ixigo’s research with travellers and hotel partners alike showed that guests often take towels, irons, hairdryers, cable boxes, clock radios, blankets, paintings, ashtrays, TV remote control and even pillows—all of which are not meant to be removed from the rooms.

Driven by these insights and social media conversations of travellers, the brand decided to educate travellers through a video which encapsulates the dos and don’ts when it comes to hotel amenities.

The travel brand’s ‘Hotel Etiquette’ video has triggered a viral trend on social media platforms and has been re-tweeted and re-shared multiple times in-light of recent events and social conversations surrounding behaviour of Indian tourists overseas.

Watch ixigo’s ‘Hotel Etiquette’ video here: