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Milind Soman

Johnson & Johnson’s mouthwash brand Listerine has launched a seven-episode web series, ‘Listerine Maximise Your Day’, on Hotstar starring Milind Soman. The web series started streaming since April 24, where Soman reveals fitness secrets and shares tips on wellness.

A popular model, also known for his unique take on health and wellness, Soman has participated in the toughest Triathlon the world where he swam for 3.8 km, took a 180-km cycle ride and then ran 42.2 km to lift the Ironman title. 

The series begins by showing viewers how to beat Monday blues, progressing to feature different activities like swimming, yoga and running and also a holiday activity for the weekends. While each of the seven episodes highlights Soman’s fitness regime, he also emphasises the need for holistic health and wellness and brings out how oral health is a crucial yet an ignored part.

Manoj Gadgil, Vice-President, Consumer Marketing, J&J India, said, “Most people today assume that brushing alone is enough for oral hygiene and believe mouthwash is just for fresh breath. Hence, Listerine is partnering with Hotstar and Milind Soman to raise awareness about the importance of oral hygiene for overall health.”

 A fun fact about your mouth is that teeth are only about 25% so think about all the places where germs may be left behind even after brushing. These leftover germs may lead to common oral concerns like gum bleeding, plaque and bad breath. Adding mouthwash to your daily oral care routine ensures protection from these common oral problems. Listerine has a unique patented essential-oils formulation which ensures superior germ-kill efficacy while being suitable for daily long-term use.