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As consumer-buying behaviour continues to shift across industries, Jack in the Box Worldwide, which is part of The 120 Media Collective, will focus on building its micro-commerce capabilities over and above its existing e-commerce offerings to drive sustainable growth for existing and prospective clients.

With the availability of smartphones and affordable data, users now have unlimited access to information on their fingertips. This makes micro-moments the new battlegrounds for brands to get audience's attention.

As m-commerce’s share in e-commerce is expected to reach 72.9% globally by 2021, advertisers need to understand why people turn to mobile and when their brand can be most helpful to the target audience.

Leveraging their broad expertise in the e-commerce domain, Jack in the Box Worldwide aims to create these social micro-moments that are born out of strategic content marketing and allow a seamless plugin of commerce solutions. By understanding the customer's digital journey, the agency is geared towards driving commerce for businesses across categories through its content-to-commerce model.

According to Rishi Sen, Managing Partner, Jack in the Box Worldwide, there is an urgent need for both agencies and clients to be extremely agile. He said, “One of the biggest takeaways of 2020 has been that people are relying on online resources now more than ever, whether it is shopping makeup for zoom calls, renovating your house or getting a haircut. We are seeing crucial opportunities for growth in the digital ecosystem, which will be immensely beneficial to brands if implemented in the right way, right away.”

“It’s pretty clear that in 2020, there were more variations of the consumer funnel than ever before. This is the attention economy and strengthening our micro commerce capabilities allows us to be more incisive towards sales conversions for brands,” said Axon Alex, Managing Partner, Jack in the Box Worldwide.

He added, “By offering these micro-commerce solutions, we want our clients to be able to connect to potential customers through the one channel they trust the most — their phones.”