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Julahaa Sarees has launched their Eid campaign called ‘Rishte Bunte Hain Dil Se Hi’ that aims to establish traditional Indian sarees as an integral part of the country’s gifting culture.

The campaign weaves in a story of two women from different religions, ages and backgrounds who, on the day of Eid, choose to transcend barriers and build a bond of love and understanding.  

With the campaign being promoted during Eid, Julahaa Sarees also intends to promote the tenets of the Indian heritage. 

Recently, the brand had launched ‘Julahaa Celebrations’ – a saree gifting brand.

Actor Neena Kulkarni said, "Working with the team was a lot of fun. They were a new, young, spirited bunch of people and I enjoyed myself. The whole production was organised very well! The team from Julahaa Sarees was well-organised, dignified and polite throughout our collaboration. Their sarees are truly sophisticated and vibrant. I was genuinely impressed and simultaneously humbled when they gifted me their saree. It was a wonderful feeling! I am excited to try them out! A great opportunity to show a bit of my saree swag also!"

Sudarshan Budhia, MD and CEO of Julahaa, said, “Working a campaign on this scale has been really refreshing for us. This one is special for us because a lot of emotions were involved with this campaign. For a long time, we were looking for an opportunity to promote our traditional ancient heritage and our Indian culture of gifting. Simultaneously, we wanted to redefine gifting altogether by putting intent and purpose behind it. We were feeling as if, in today’s world, the very act of gifting was losing its old charm and its sheen. So, we decided to bring both to the table. Our tagline, ‘Gift, Dil Se’ perfectly captures what we feel about gifting. It should be done from the heart. Neena Ji was extremely courteous, a true professional and so fun to work with. It was a splendid experience to capture her on screen. We hope to collaborate with Neena Ji a lot more in the future for sure! But till then, we will have her memories with us forever.”

Inhouse Creative Director, Yogesh said, “Planning for this campaign was exactly the kind of challenge we were looking for. The basic concept behind this campaign was always to promote our Indian heritage and culture but this time, we also wanted to focus on the aspect of gifting and how we, as a brand, are redefining it.”

“After a lot of back and forth, we finally closed in on an idea and finalised it. Once the planning was done, the most strenuous part had just begun. After lots of coordinated efforts between our in-house team and the people on set, we finally were able to capture the essence of our campaign perfectly. And we saw the great response online so that was fantastic validation for us! Looking forward to more projects like these for sure!”