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On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Junglee Pictures, the Times Group movie studio division, shared various inspirations and learnings that Indians have got from the movies available with them on social media. The content was conceptualised by Little Monk Communications.

The brief given to the agency was to incorporate Junglee movies collection in a seamless manner and adapt it with Teacher’s Day celebrations. The challenge was to not come up with a campaign that looks forced or too silly. On the other hand, none of the movies had primary characters close to a profession of teaching. So, the agency had to come up with something that fits their brand ethos.

Sayali Parab, Managing Partner, Little Monk Communications, said, “Our team sat down and watched all the Junglee movies released so far in order to find potential cues. We finally came to the conclusion that we need to come up with something conceptual. So we decided to take the learnings from the movies or their key characters. A rough brief was given to the design team and after a few tweaks and corrections. We came up with four creatives stating four learnings we got from their movies and the result is for everyone to be seen.”

The content was shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And it received maximum traction on Instagram.

Parab further said, "We always try to come up with content which is not generic. The basic criteria for me has always been to see how relatable or sharable the content is to the audience. Of course, coming up with a good campaign is challenging but on social media, everything rooted on the basis of trial and error. Only after the content is up on the platform and we see the traction is when we understand whether it has worked or not. That's the main challenge always."