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KamaSutra Condoms has unveiled its latest digital campaign ‘#JustMarried’, asking people to take them through highs of their marriage to the low of being indoors and how love keeps them going and in this #StayAtHome period.

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During the onset of the worldwide pandemic, the brand came across a strong insight that the coronavirus hit the world, especially India, immediately after the wedding season. Meaning, a lot of its consumers are spending time locked up at home rather than exploring their new chapter in the relationship.

Through this digital campaign, the brand wanted to share the positive vibe to the bigger tribe and identified three couples from its consumer base who are recently married and are not giving in to the mundane ways of lockdown.

These couples are exploring love within the boundaries of home and yet keeping it as special from the moment when they tied the knot, in one single long-form video.

The couples in the video give some interesting stories about their married lives and how they are coping up with the times, with sheer love and passion for each other. From being rivals in a game of Uno to taking over the kitchen duties to watching endless Netflix movies together, each story unlocked a new reason to stay positive during this lockdown.

According to Ajay Rawal, GM Marketing, KamaSutra Brand, “We wanted to share the positive vibes and send across a message to those couples who are locked indoors that love is just not about going out for movies and dinner, the togetherness and enjoying each other’s company is something that keeps us happy.”