Kapiva takes on board 30+ millennial influencers for its #StrengthenFromWithin campaign

The digital campaign aims to free Ayurveda of its complexities and enable millenials to make it a part of their everyday life, and live a holistic lifestyle

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Kapiva, a homegrown Ayurveda D2C brand, has onboarded celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija along with 30+ millennial influencers for the #StrengthenFromWithin campaign.

The digital campaign that focuses on everyday Ayurvedic juices is a step forward in Kapiva’s mission to free Ayurveda of its complexities and enable millenials to make it a part of their everyday life, and live a holistic lifestyle.

The campaign comes at a time when consumers are pro-actively seeking wellness-based products and working towards improving holistic health. More and more consumers are looking for holistic and sustainable solutions and are adopting a wellness-based lifestyle.

Highlighting the paramount importance of ‘Strengthen From Within’, the campaign tapped into urban millennials. The campaign resonated with the audience and garnered over 20 million impressions.

Spread across five weeks, it signed niche nano and micro-influencers from the health and wellness category. The campaign, through multiple digital films, created awareness among new-age Indians on how to conveniently build wellness from within.

Shrey Badhani, Co-Founder, Kapiva, said, “Ayurveda has always been an integral part of the Indian lifestyle. Our ancestors integrated Ayurveda into their day-to-day lives to live a holistic and sustainable life. However, over time we had lost that touch with Ayurveda.

Badhani said, “To reinstate the significance of Ayurveda in our daily lives and create awareness among modern India on how it can be incorporated into fast-paced lives without drastic changes, we at Kapiva decided to bring accessible and convenient solutions for our consumers, and this campaign is an extension of that. We collaborated with practitioners who share the same philosophy as us such as Pooja Makhija.”

Ashish Khazanchi, Founder and Managing Partner, Enormous Brands, said, “Ayurveda has evolved. Kapiva has made it possible for every Indian to find a place for Ayurveda in their everyday life. They believe that our journey towards a happier, healthier India begins from within. Our campaign #StrenghtenFromWithin introduced the brand to users as modern Ayurveda, for the modern Indian. To carry the campaign, we conceptualised snackable and engaging content in collaboration with Pooja Makhija across digital mediums."

Makhija said, “Most of the health problems concerning today’s youth can be prevented by following a balanced Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. In my practice as a certified nutritionist and a health and fitness practitioner, I like to strike a balance between traditional wisdom and modern science. Therefore, I am glad to join hands with Kapiva, a modern and accessible Ayurvedic brand, that goes above and beyond to create products that can fit the lifestyle of young Indians, for my well-being and yours. I completely vouch for 5 Kapiva juices each of which has varied lifestyle benefits and can easily be included in your diet”

Kapiva #StrengthenFromWithin campaign