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Influencer marketing is a tried-and-tested strategy used by many brands to promote their products by partnering with popular faces. KFC has adopted the format in their recent social media campaign for their KFC Group Meals. Through the right choice of influencers, they have subtly impressed upon the audience that their meals can enhance their fun times with their friends and family

The campaign on Instagram has collaborated with influencers such as Aashika Bhatia, Ashish Bhatia, Kenny Sebastian and Shivin Narang. These influencers belong to different industries — lifestyle, entertainment, comedy, etc., and their posts reflect their diversity. While Ashish Bhatia shared a video of him rehearsing for a dance performance with his crew, stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian created a humorous video of him ordering the meal.

The campaign has also taken on board regional influencers such as Gujarati actor Arzu Limmbachiya and Punjabi actor Navdeesh Arora, who have a different set of followers, thus helping the brand cover a larger audience base.

As all the influencers are seen ordering their meals at home, the campaign also promotes the idea of having family and friend gatherings at home instead of going out during these pandemic times.

Shared with the #KFCAajKaSpecial, the posts show how the influencers order the Group Meals to make their occasions more special. Aashika Bhatia orders the meal to surprise her beau Roshan Gupta and Shivin Narang orders it for his friends while watching a match. The #SomethingForEveryone has been used to indicate that the group meals have a wide variety of options to cater to everyone’s diverse tastes.

As evident from the Sheeko’s activity graph, KFC India has been moderately active on digital platforms in the past one year, but after coming up with this campaign, there has been a significant rise in their numbers, much higher than the brand has seen in the past year.

According to data shared by Sheeko, the campaign is estimated to have reached over 1 crore people in a media value pegged around Rs 20 lakh.

The videos:

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