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Khimji Jewels, a jewellery and lifestyle brand, has launched a global musical retreat during the ongoing pandemic. Khimji Jewels and Digital Dogs collaborated with musicians from across the world to spread a message of hope and love.

The video talks about discovering your love while staying at home and spending time with your near and dear ones. When was the last time you discovered something about what you love? Our current circumstances may be forcing us to stay indoors. But it is also giving us unlimited opportunities to spend quality time and space with the ones we love. The loves of our lives.

The brand, together with Digital Dogs Content and Media, has collaborated with artists and musicians across the UK, Kazakhstan and India to create original music that intends to spread a global message of hope, faith and love. Bringing it all together is PressPlay Collective, a Chennai and Los Angeles-based production house with teams across continents and capabilities.

The video:

Talking about the campaign, Nishit Nanda, Director, Khimji Jewels, said, “We as a brand have always stood for a lasting promise. A promise to always partner our audiences through thick and thin. In these challenging times, it was obvious that the brand needed to send out a message. An authentic message of optimism and the power of the human will defeat all adversities eventually. The Covid-19 situation is not just a state or country crisis. It is a global crisis. And we wanted to send out a message to everyone globally that we are in this together. And we will emerge victorious together as well”.

Speaking on coming up with this idea, Ambarish Ray, Co-Founder and CEO, Digital Dogs, said, “The human spirit is a teflon dog. You can’t kill it easily. And it is exactly this message that we wanted to broadcast to the whole world. The unifying power and healing potential of music is limitless. As a venture, our blood is poured into what we do. And what we do has to be authentic. Bleeding raw, if need be. But 100% authentic. And we are hoping that this music album, this labour of collaborative hope and love called #DiscoverYourLove — that has brought together jewellers, marketers, musicians, tech nerds and social creators, will be able to bring more people from across the world together.”