Kingfisher ‘City Rap' campaign is an ode to the spirit of India

The lyrics of the rap songs are user-generated. They mention the essence of India's cities and are sung by famous rappers

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Beer brand Kingfisher has launched an innovative ‘City Rap’ campaign, revamping its 35-year-old iconic jingle ‘Oo La La La Le O’ with the rhythm of rap tuned to the true spirit of India.

Kingfisher has crowd-sourced their lyrics for innovative city rap song which holds true to every cities’ beat. Curating the best of cities’ rap talent, Kingfisher has put together a group of artists who are well-known for their rhyming skills in their local language.

From ‘AmchiCityRap’ to ‘AmaarCityRap’, Kingfisher has orchestrated the rising culture of rap in the country with artists’ like MC Mawali, Chethan and Raam Rovin, Khatarnaak, Dopeadelicz and Maharya across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

The users are co-creators of the rap and define the quirks of the city, the slangs that are used, and the food that they eat along with the popular places in their city. These inputs from the users were put together to create rap for the users — about their city, in their language.

The Rap videos:

Mumbai City Rap:

Bangalore City Rap:

Chennai City rap:

Kolkata City rap:

Kingfisher City Rap