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KLAY (Kids Learning And You) Schools, a chain of non-franchised pre-schools and daycare centres, has announced the launch of its content platform, That Parent Thing, dedicated to the parenting community. Drawing on its experience as a leader in the ECCE (Early Childcare and Education) space, the platform champions its expertise on learning in early years. That Parent Thing will provide knowledge and experiences from experts and parents, respectively, across a variety of subjects, including work and life. 

That Parent Thing can be accessed here.

A brand publishing initiative by KLAY, ‘That Parent Thing’ has experts from across the world sharing their opinions on every aspect of being a new-age parent. These include a globally renowned speech therapist, a leading child psychologist, a body-positivity ambassador, an angel investor and educator, and so on. With topics pertaining to infants, toddlers and pre-teens, the platform will attempt to answer every question a parent may have while raising their child and help create a community of parents that can rely on each other. 

Commenting on the launch, Priya Krishnan, CEO, KLAY Schools, said, “Over the years, a combination of urban factors such as the rise of nuclear, double-income families and the availability of several sources (credible and otherwise) of information online has fed the paranoia associated with parenting. This phenomenon got us thinking and as a way of keeping up our commitment to partner parents in every phase of the parents' journey, we started ‘That Parent Thing’. Riding on our experience in caring for children between the ages of 1- 6, we’ve embarked on a mission to help parents take charge of their parenthood with as much joy and as little guilt as possible. Over time, we are expecting the platform to shape into a tight-knit self-sufficient community of parents.”