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Kofluence has launched Kofinity- A platform for budding creators to partner with brands.

Kofluence said with the launch of Kofinity, creators can focus solely on creating content and boosting brand visibility.

Kofluence further stated that it provides creators with the infrastructure to turn their passion into earnings. 

As per Kofluence, Creators can acquire a free unique URL through '', which will serve as a hub for their curated brand deals.

With always-on’ campaigns, creators can partner with brands.

Each transaction made through their personalised link directly translates to payouts.

Kofinity stated that the top performers can earn more than 25,000/- per week along with guaranteed shortlisting for collaborations that require minimal content creation and no prior content approval.

Ritesh Ujjwal, CEO and Co-Founder, Kofluence, said, “We're thrilled to introduce Kofinity! With this launch, we’re confident that Kofluence is well-positioned to lead the charge in this rapidly evolving industry. We aim to foster India's thriving creators economy by monetizing 100k influencers in the next 12 months, enabling creators on their journey to becoming creator-preneurs.”

Sreeram Reddy Vanga, Co-Founder, Kofluence, said, “As excited as we are about the launch, what I'm looking forward to is Kofinity being a means of self-sufficiency for all the budding creators. Kofinity is expanding its horizons beyond social media like Instagram and Youtube. Now, creators can easily share their offers and deals within their social circles through multiple social networking platforms by using their unique link.”