Krafton India unveils documentary on creation of Indian faction in Road To Valor: Empires

Produced by Supari Studios, the documentary was conceptualised in-house by Krafton's India team

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Krafton India unveiled a documentary video – From Vision To Valor: Creating The Indian Faction.

The documentary provides a look at the creation of the Indian Faction in Road To Valor: Empires.

The documentary encapsulates the essence and thought behind the creation of the new faction.

It is conceptualised by the team at Krafton India and shot and produced in collaboration with the Supari Studios.

The film closely showcases the team at Krafton India embarking on a creative endeavour to produce the Indian Faction.

From collectively designing and aligning on the aesthetics to then co-developing the narrative with the help of the South Korean team to introducing Indian culture and elements to their global counterparts and recording voiceovers, the film captures every detail of thoughtful curation that went into bringing users an unparalleled mobile gameplay experience, as per company statement.

Srinjoy Das, Associate Director - Marketing, Krafton India, said, "We are incredibly excited to share this behind-the-scenes documentary with our players and fans. Creating the Indian Faction was a labour of love, and we hope this documentary will not only showcase the hard work and dedication of our talented team but also deepen the connection between the game, and our players. We are immensely proud to have documented the seamless synergy between Krafton’s India and South Korean teams in bringing this project to life and are grateful to Supari Studios for their exceptional work in capturing this journey."

Mrinal Chawla, Account Director, Supari Studios, said, "It was an absolute pleasure to work on this project, and the passion within the Krafton team was palpable from the very beginning. We found inspiration in the meticulous attention to detail, thoughtful curation, and the unwavering effort put forth by the Krafton team.”

Nisha Vasudevan, the director of this documentary, said, “When we set out to capture the process of how Indian characters were created by the combined efforts of Krafton and Dreamotion, we realised how much hard work goes into making something of this magnitude. It truly is something unique. This comes out better when you see it in action than in words”

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