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This upcoming festive and wedding season, global cosmetics brand L’Oréal Paris is betting big on content marketing to woo consumers across the country, especially tier 2 and 3 cities.

“When we do content online, we don’t restrict ourselves to metros and include tier 2 and 3 towns where L’Oréal Paris counters exist or an e-commerce platform is delivering,” said Raagjeet Garg, General Manager, L’Oréal Paris.

The brand recently launched its festive collection curated by designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as the face.

The French personal care company launched a complete content-led fashion show online last week followed by Sabyasachi sharing 20 posts on social media talking about this association with the beauty giant.

“Today, consumers are looking at a lot of education and inspiration when it comes to beauty. That’s where content at an individual level is very important and that is why you need to have the right content to inform what’s the right lipstick and what’s the shade that suits a consumer, what kind of red do they need to wear. That’s why I believe content is very critical for the entire beauty segment,” said Garg.

While L'Oréal uses traditional mediums for reaching the wider audience, it relies on digital in order to educate, engage, and inspire them. 

“For an example, traditional mediums like print and television were used to announce our association with Sabyasachi and launch of festive collection. But digital gives the consumer a reason to why should they buy. That reason could be why a particular thing will look good on them or why rogue is the shade that they should wear this season. Those kind of content is what I can really curate depending on the audience that I am talking to. Whether it is a fashion conscious consumer, value-conscious consumer, a consumer who follows beauty trends, you can make curated content for them and that’s how our entire content marketing strategy is. We build awareness and reach through traditional mediums, and generate engagement through a lot of content that we do on digital,” explained Garg.

With several brands across sectors still struggling to measure return on investment of a content initiative, especially when it comes to linking it to sale, Garg believes that content can drive ROI if kept relevant.

“I think content is one big piece to drive ROI. If I put content that is not connecting to the consumer, then the ROI will be very bad. But if the content is relevant, something that one is looking forward to, ROI can be well measured. You just need to define the metrics through which you need to evaluate any campaign,” said Garg.