Lawyer on the Spot's new ‘LOTS24x7' campaign shares the plight of truck drivers in India

The campaign aims to empower the truck driver community in India

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Lawyer On The Spot (LOTS), the on-road legal service providing company, has launched its new campaign – ‘LOTS24X7’.

The on-road legal service providing company helps commercial vehicle drivers who require lawyers more often than not instantly, as they are usually stopped by police officers and harassed. It has collaborated with the All India Transporters Welfare Association (AITWA) to create a 24-by-7 legal assistance helpline.

The intent behind LOTS is that it helps empower the truck drivers’ community, who are usually legally ignorant, as the conventional legal consultation would be very hard to reach them, especially during their odd working hours. It has also aimed to be affordable and accessible to reach its target market. They have worked towards creating a network for every 50 km of the National Highways and roads under their “BharatMala Project”.

With LOTS24x7, the team is working towards spreading awareness about the distress that commercial vehicle drivers of our nation face on a daily basis.

The team spends a whole day with a truck driver to hear their plight. What comes as a result of this is that they open up about the difficulties they have faced while travelling on the highways throughout their long careers; including the harassment they face from policemen, other authorities, and even local people. Furthermore, highlighting how they fight through the common gloomy outlook that truck drivers are usually in the wrong. The whole community drives rashly, is rude and abusive, and is always at fault, are a few examples of the incalculable misconceptions that everyone holds.

Founder and CEO of Lawyered, Himanshu Gupta, said, “At LOTS, we’re committed towards ‘Empowering the truck Drivers Legally’. Not just that, we want the truck drivers to get the respect and acknowledgement they so rightfully deserve. The first step towards that is to get their ‘Reality Out for the Country to SEE.’ LOTS is embarking on a mission to make this happen.”

“We are going on journeys with the truck drivers, in their trucks, on their routes. Eating what they eat, sleeping where they sleep, living the life they live. In the process, we hope to bring out their hardships and the issues faced by them, for the world to see. We hope to make people aware of these truck drivers’ sacrifices and adjustments, that they make for our sake. And to get us Indians to respect and value them for what they do. And next time when you see a truck driver, toh usko ‘Dekho, Magar Pyaar Se’.”

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