Lay's onboards over 3000 micro-influencers for its Valentine's Day campaign ‘What's your relationchip status'

Shailja Joshi, Associate Director, Potato Chips Category, PepsiCo India, tells BuzzInContent that the core thought behind the campaign was that whether one is committed, happily single or in a long-distance relationship– no matter what the scenario may be, Lay's can help celebrate their ‘RelationChip Status'

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Valentine’s Day is as much a day for brands as it is for couples in love. It’s an ideal day for them to market their products under the theme of love. Most brands eagerly await this opportunity to launch innovative campaigns for their products. Not to be left behind, Lay’s launched a ‘What’s your relationchip status’ campaign this Valentine’s Day for their recently launched flavours — Lay’s Herby Crush and Lay’s Cheesy Love. 

The brand has got on board over 3000+ micro-influencers, including digital creators like Aprajita Thakur, Rajnandini Dey and Arnav Pal, to share their relationship status on social media in an innovative way. Though a global brand, Lay’s has given space and recognition to smaller influencers and not just celebrities. Influencers flaunt their relationship status in their posts using cue cards that they have received with the hamper of the new flavours. The influencers have shared the posts with the #MyLaysRelationchip. 

Speaking about the campaign, Shailja Joshi, Associate Director, Potato Chips Category, PepsiCo India, said, “As a brand, Lay’s celebrates connections and enables moments of joy by reaching the consumers with thoughtful, relevant and exciting campaigns. Through the launch of the two flavours, consumers can celebrate Valentine’s Day and create memorable moments over a pack of chips. The core thought behind the campaign was that whether one is committed, happily single or in a long-distance relationship– no matter what the scenario may be, Lay’s can help celebrate their ‘RelationChip Status’." 

The campaign also works well as it celebrates all kinds of relationships, even singlehood. Brands generally focus only on couples for Valentine’s Day and tend to alienate single folks. Here the brand is also seen endorsing self-love and self-sufficiency. 

PepsiCo India has been leveraging and experimenting with formats and technology on multiple platforms including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, ShareChat, and others in its recent campaigns. Taking cognisance of the recent surge in the number of hours people are spending on their devices, Joshi said, “We initiated a number of campaigns with a strong focus on amplifying reach and engagement among netizens. Being a youth-centric brand, it is essential to maintain a connection with our consumers through appealing formats and trending platforms.”

The campaign aims to engage their fans and to make them a part of the digital campaign, they have launched an engaging and quirky Augmented Reality (AR) filter on Instagram. Through the filter, users can find out their relationship status— whether single, committed, in a ‘long distance’ or ‘complicated’ relationship— by answering some questions with a tilt of their head. 

Speaking about the use of the AR filter in the campaign, Joshi said, “AR filter is a unique way to present consumers with brand-specific experiences that seamlessly fit into the regular content consumption and engagement patterns of consumers. With our new limited-time variants in the market and the method of showcasing one’s ‘RelationChip’ at the heart of the initiative, the AR filter serves as an immersive and engaging format to virtually take the new packs to every fan and consumer of Lay’s via social media.”

The influencers were able to fetch over 20 lakh views in an estimated media value pegged around Rs 25 to 30 lakh.

Lay’s has brought out several interesting campaigns in the past. When Lay’s offered 2GB data free with their chips, they launched the #LaysKhol campaign. During the lockdown last year, they had launched #ArtWorkForHeartWork to celebrate the frontline workers such as truck drivers, farmers and shopkeepers, who kept working through the lockdown. Before that their #SmileDekeDekho campaign went viral, where you could pose with the chips packet that had a smile on it. 


As evident from the Sheeko’s activity graph, Lay’s has been considerably active on digital platforms in the past one year, and after coming up with this campaign, there seems to be a moderate increase in their numbers.

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