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School Edtech company, Lead has launched a new digital campaign that acknowledges the selfless efforts and aspirations of parents for their children. 

Centered around the insight of how parents put the needs of their children ahead of their own, Lead’s #SaluteToParents campaign highlights how parents leave no stone unturned in fulfilling their children’s dreams, and in ensuring that they are self-confident and ready to succeed in life. 

Conceptualised and produced by TBWA India, Lead’s ‘#SaluteToParents’ film is directed by Piplu Khan of Potlibaba Media House.

Anupam Gurani, Chief Marketing Officer, Lead, said, “A parent does whatever it takes for their child’s growth and seeks nothing in return except for their children to be happy and successful. Lead’s #SaluteToParents campaign is an ode to parents who make myriad sacrifices each day to ensure the very best for their children. A parent’s journey is a marathon, not a sprint; and Lead salutes the contribution of parents towards shaping a future generation of confident and successful individuals.”

Parixit Bhattacharya, Managing Partner, TBWAIndia, said, "There is an old saying, ‘Parents are the bones on which children cut their teeth.’ Such is the incomparable sacrifice parents make to bring up their children. With this film, Lead sends out a hug to all the parents in the country who silently make sacrifices every day to make their children wake up to a better future."

Piplu Khan, acclaimed director, said, “This film was a great opportunity for me to extract an under-explored metaphor of parents as ‘silent warriors’ who sacrifice so discreetly yet amply for their children. I had great fun as well as learning while making this film.”