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Travel platform ixigo has launched a new campaign, ‘What not to do in a flight’, as a useful guide to travellers on in-flight etiquette. The new campaign is a part of the travel etiquette series launched by ixigo, which is aimed at raising awareness on unwritten rules to follow while travelling.

Here’s the ‘What not to do in a flight’ video:

Earlier in the year, ixigo launched its first travel etiquette guide ‘Stuff you can take from hotels’ as a crash course for travellers on what they can and cannot take from a hotel room. The video went viral and got millions of views across social media platforms.

While conceptualising the campaign, ixigo conducted research on some common travel annoyances and how can passengers deal with them gracefully to ensure a smooth journey. Chatty and loud co-passengers, stinky feet, hoarding in-flight amenities, toilet and armrest hogging, reclining seats during meals, impatience and rude behaviour were some of the most common problems that passengers face while flying. The study also revealed that both first-time, as well as frequent flyers have limited knowledge when it comes to acceptable behavioural norms to follow while travelling.

Driven by these insights, the brand decided to educate travellers through a video that encapsulates dos and don'ts while flying.

Speaking on the campaign, Rajnish Kumar, Co-founder, ixigo, said, “Travel is all about making personal connections and how we interact with each other has a huge impact on our overall journey. Through our travel etiquette campaign, we want to promote useful messages to our audience in an engaging yet educational style that can help them have the best possible vacation experience.”