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Subscription-based online financial education company,, has announced its partnership with Tanmay Bhat, a standup comedian and YouTuber, to launch a series of videos explaining the basics of trading. The 10-episode series will be launched on the channel – Honestly by Tanmay Bhat and will feature Prateek Singh, Founder of, donning the role of Tanmay’s financial tutor, explaining the basics of trading.

The video series will be live on the YouTube channel from June 7, and will have one episode per day. The partnership is aimed at filling the gap of the need for good quality financial education that is not just informative but also interesting.

Singh of, said, “At we believe that good quality financial education must be accessible to everyone. By partnering with Tanmay Bhat, we will get closer to reaching one million users by the end of the year from the current 200k users. This series makes free-of-cost financial education content accessible to those who never thought they could understand money. The series is technically deep, rich in entertainment with world-class production value. Finance needs to be cooler to be mainstream; right now the industry is extremely uptight, this series will change that.”

Bhat added, “I never really understood what the whole deal about investing and trading is. I came across Prateek’s videos on and found it interesting. He made trading look simple and easy for anyone. We reached out to them to partner and create a free resource of the basics in trading. We are thrilled to be able to create a wonderful resource available to everyone.” was founded in 2018 by Singh, Swati Sharma, Ankush Oberoi and Sohail Alam. The platform aims at adding new-age skills in trading and investment by the way of recorded video sessions by industry leaders and regular live sessions by industry veterans. The platform has more than two lakh registered users and aims to reach 10 lakh by the end of 2021.

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