Let us create on India, create for the world: PM Modi, at first National Creators Award

The prime minister said so, addressing the creators at the first-ever National Creators' Awards at the Bharat Mandapam, Delhi

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Presiding over the first National Creators Award held in Bharat Mandapam, Delhi, PM Modi urged the content creators to start a "create on India movement" and share stories on the country's culture, heritage and traditions with the world.

"Let us create on India, create for the world," the prime minister said after he presented the first-ever National Creators' Awards at the Bharat Mandapam, Delhi.

"People ask me, what is the secret of my success? I do not give an answer to everyone.... Will a restaurant owner show you his kitchen? Iswar ki kripa hai, mai samay se pehle samay ko bhanp sakta hoon (By the god's grace, I can sense what is coming). That is why I can say that these awards will have an important place in the future," Modi said.

He hailed the content creators as the country's digital ambassadors and said they are also brand ambassadors of "Vocal for Local".

"Let us together start a ‘Create in India’ movement. Let us share stories related to India, India's culture, India's heritage and traditions with the whole world. Let us tell our stories to everyone. Let us create on India, create for the world," Modi told the gathering after presenting the awards.

"Create such content that, along with you, the country gets more likes. We must engage with the global audience for it," he said.

Asserting that the world's curiosity towards India is increasing, the prime minister urged the content creators to develop work in UN languages, such as German, French, Spanish etc., to amplify their reach.

Noting that the Lok Sabha polls are round the corner, he said, "I give you the guarantee that on the next Shivratri, probably it could be on some other date, it will be me who will preside over such a programme." With the audience chanting "abki bar 400 paar," the prime minister said it is not Modi's guarantee but that of 140 crore Indians.

He urged the content creators to create awareness among youngsters and first-time voters that polling is not carried out to declare winners and losers, but for people to become a part of the decision-making process that crafts the future of such a massive country.

He noted that even though many countries became prosperous in different ways, they eventually opted for democracy. "India has taken the resolve to become a developed nation by taking pride in 100 per cent democracy," Modi said.

The prime minister recalled his recent interaction with billionaire-philanthropist Bill Gates about artificial intelligence and informed the gathering about the cabinet's approval for the India AI Mission.

Lauding youngsters and their talent, he touched upon the Semiconductor Mission and expressed confidence that India will lead the way, similar to the adoption of 5G technology.

The prime minister wished women on International Women's Day and urged the creators to increasingly make "nari shakti" a part of their content.

Modi said the "collaboration of content and creativity grows engagement, collaboration of content and digital brings transformation, and collaboration of content with purpose shows impact".

He urged the content creators to bring inspiration through their content and recalled that he had raised the issue of disrespect towards women from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

Modi also requested them to forward the spirit of equality among parents while raising boys and girls.

The prime minister said the content creators should showcase the capabilities of "nari shakti" (women power) and gave ideas on depicting how a mother conducts her daily tasks and women from rural and tribal areas engage in economic activity.

"Content creation can help rectify wrong perceptions," he said.

Modi also recommended creating content that highlights the negative effects of drugs on youngsters. "We must say drugs are not cool," he added.

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