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LinkedIn has rolled out the #InItTogether brand campaign to put the spotlight on how the power of community is helping professionals stay productive and relevant in these uncertain times. Inspired by the diverse potential of India’s 66+ million members on LinkedIn, the brand campaign features real stories of real members across career stages, and how they are adapting, innovating, and leaning on their networks to push forward in this new world of work.

LinkedIn’s Network Gap data suggests people with strong networks are more confident about gaining access to opportunities than those with weaker networks. Now, more than ever, professionals are turning to the platform to learn how they can navigate the varied challenges posed by the pandemic. 

Through the stories of four real members, the brand campaign puts into focus how they leveraged the platform’s potential to connect with others, to upskill, to tap into conversations and glean insights that matter today.

“We are delighted to see members from diverse professions and varied levels of experience come together to inspire each other with personal stories and professional counsel on LinkedIn. Our brand campaign features four such stories that reflect the power of ‘community’ and help our members feel confident that LinkedIn can support them in their professional lives in these uncertain times. We hope these member stories will encourage professionals to build the right expertise, gain relevant skills and knowledge, and make the right connections at this time,” said  Srividya Gopani, Director, Brand and Consumer Marketing, APAC and China at LinkedIn.

Here’s how four members turned to LinkedIn to make new connections, upskill, and find resourceful information to navigate the changing economic landscape: 

Sanchit Agarwal, Summer Analyst at Windrose Capital
Hunting for virtual internships to stay productive during the lockdown, Sanchit stumbled upon Rohit Goyal’s post and earned a summer internship program.

Jagruthi Chalapathy, Senior Product Associate at Amazon
Deciding to upskill herself, Jagruthi finished four courses on LinkedIn Learning and posted about how LinkedIn Learning courses are concise and easy to navigate.

Manasa Kumar, Growth Marketing Specialist at Freshworks
Seeking fresh information and counsel on Sales, Manasa met Sales Coach Dale Dupree on LinkedIn and posted about this successful collaboration on LinkedIn.

Abhishek Mazumdar, Co-Founder, The Logical Indian
Today, many students and career starters seek counselling to navigate a shrinking job market. Addressing their concerns, Abhishek created a LinkedIn post to share vital tips that could prevent members from being laid off. He signed off by saying anyone who had more queries could connect with him personally.

Given the nationwide lockdown, all four stories were shot remotely. The creative team led the process, and each member received resourceful help and support from their close ones at home. Through the making of this campaign, each person involved got a chance to witness the power of the community first-hand.