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Livspace, the interior and renovation platform, wanted to announce the launch of three brand new experience centres, which are among the largest in the country, and invite homeowners to visit these destinations for getting inspired and informed before designing interiors.

For the campaign, Livspace collaborated with Whoppl, a specialised content creation company with a niche in designing influencer marketing strategies.

With brainstorming and ideation, Whoppl recommended collaborating with a variety of influencer personas relevant to the home interiors category – from recently married to influencers with a family of their own to others who are home improvement/home décor aficionados. Every influencer was handpicked on the basis of their own personal needs to set up/re-do a particular part of their house. The content created by these influencers exactly showed what a customer might witness when they visit the ECs (experience centre). The influencers brilliantly captured every part of the EC in their tour videos, giving an exclusive virtual tour of the EC to all their followers.

Click here to view the videos created by influencers.

The campaign garnered over 4.7 million reach organically.

The brand’s communication strategy was to build awareness around the fact that these ECs provide a one-stop solution for all home interior needs. A homeowner  can come to the Livspace EC to find inspiration for all rooms—from kitchen, bedroom, living room to kids’ rooms—get information about design, materials and more, get expert design consultation and customise their design using 8,000+ on-display products and materials.

It highlighted how the brand was the one-stop-shop where customers can see samples and swatches under one roof without going to multiple places.

Kartikeya Bhandari, CMO, Livspace, said, “Designing interiors is a big decision for most as it involves an investment of time, money and emotions. And usually, homeowners don’t know where to start. With this campaign, we wanted to invite anyone thinking of interiors to come to Livspace Experience Centres to get inspired and get trusted information from experts.  Whoppl has been a strong partner in making this campaign a success. The collaboration has helped Livspace reach a wider audience through brand-compatible influencers.”

Ramya Ramachandran

Ramya Ramachandran, Founder and CEO, Whoppl, said, “With the ongoing pandemic, it has become the need of the hour for people to experience living spaces with an extra zest; considering how we have all spent significant time in our home spaces, we have realised a different kind of utilitarian importance with respect to them. Through the campaign, we got suitable influencer systems to craft relatable content spaces to represent the brand objectives effectively.”