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MamyPoko Pants recently developed a campaign named #MealtimeMadeFun, which involves a singular video solving a very common problem for countless moms—inculcating healthy eating habits in their children.

This campaign started with the idea that children will not do anything unless they are completely convinced of it. This campaign, in a very clever child-care centric tactic, has made a video to keep children engrossed in educational content about healthy diets, in a format that appeals to them most.

The video:

Children love educational cartoons. They will love this Mamy Poko Pants video, which talks about the benefits of a good diet, through engaging animated vegetables and fruits dancing to a joyful tune.

Not only does this video help parents feed their children a healthy diet, but it also helps children thoroughly enjoy their mealtime while getting familiar with vegetables and fruits.

The campaign as a whole is aimed at establishing that eating healthy is a habit that should be inculcated at a very young age. We all know mealtimes can be the most difficult part of the day, but with the right setting, it could also become the most beautiful part of the day.