Man Matters reiterates importance of sharing & self-disclosure for healthier living with #LetsTalkMan campaign

The campaign features actor Girija Oak Godbole who urges men to open up to live confidently

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Man Matters, the digital health platform for men, has come up with a new campaign #LetsTalkMan which reflects on how men sometimes refrain from opening up and do not allow themselves to be vulnerable, which then leads to bottling up of emotions.

The latest digital film executed by Spring Marketing Capital features ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and ‘Shor in the City’ famed actor Girija Oak Godbole encouraging men to self-love and talk about their problems.

The first scene of the video begins with the actress asking her partner to open up about his problems. Cut to the next scene, she continues asking men why they don’t open up as women do. The video highlights how men shy away from speaking about basic issues like hair loss or stress. They consider their partners to be their better halves but at the same time, they are often seen dealing with all the emotional baggage alone.

The video shows companionship as more than just working together on household chores or planning the finances. It’s equally important for men to talk about their physical and emotional issues with their partners and peers. The campaign focuses on breaking societal gender stereotypes and redefining the importance of men's care.

Anuroop Nair, Director of Brand Marketing at Mosaic Wellness, said, “With this campaign, we are one step closer to our brand's vision. The idea is to encourage the men to come forward and talk about their challenges without any hesitation or societal pressure. We have seen that society has always perceived and internalised men to be tough, physically strong, and for some reason, not emotionally forthcoming. Men opening up about their feeling and problems is considered to be ‘weak’. Through this campaign, we want to break those gender biases and at the same time make sure the film is worth repeat-watching and entertaining.”

Sandeep Balan, Branded Content Partner at Spring Marketing Capital, said, “We are always excited to associate with Man Matters, as the brand has always pushed the boundaries on how we should open up and feel. The pandemic has taught us the importance of self-care and how we should prioritise ourselves. We have always seen men hesitant in expressing themselves thinking of being judged by their partners or other male friends. I think most of us have felt this way some or another time, but someone needed to say this and hence we finally did through this film.”

Man Matters ( is operated under parent company Mosaic Wellness, focused on offering curated services & products across health & wellness.

Man Matters #LetsTalkMan campaign Girija Oak Godbole