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India is still grappling with the second wave of Covid-19 and continues to report more than 1.5 lakh cases in a day. In this backdrop, Mankind Pharma has taken an initiative to educate all citizens about the importance of wearing a mask and urges them to do their bit with their new campaign, #MaskMyIndia.

Mankind Pharma has released a video that captures the stories of our heroes, who are setting examples and doing more than their call of duty during the Covid-19 pandemic in India. The campaign, #MaskMyIndia, brings together the current working hours and situations of our doctors and walks the audience through the overall working routine and how each one of them is working day and night to ensure everyone is safe.

The video:

Despite all the efforts of our frontline workers, the mortality rate is on the higher side and everyone is experiencing the grief of losing their loved ones. Through this campaign, Mankind Pharma urges everyone to do their bit by wearing a mask properly and help them to fight the deadly virus. They are requesting each one of us to be responsible citizens and not take the situation lightly. Not wearing a mask is not an option and we all should ensure we support our frontline workers by just doing the basics.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness and to grow a sense of responsibility among the audience and encourages all of us to take a pledge to wear a mask correctly—by covering the nose and mouth entirely.

Rajeev Juneja, Managing Director and Vice-Chairman, Mankind Pharma, said. “At Mankind Pharma, we follow a strong brand philosophy of raising awareness on social issues. Through this campaign, we would like to spread the message that together we can all fight with deadly coronavirus, all we have to do is wear a mask and follow all the preventive measures given by the government. The video campaign is an attempt by Mankind Pharma to deliver the message of ‘Wearing a mask’ and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. We all need to behave as responsible citizens and take ownership of ensuring our safety and other’s as well.”

During this pandemic, we strongly recommend wearing a mask. Let’s pledge not to venture out without wearing masks so that we can fight coronavirus and come out as a winner.