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Nihar Naturals has launched #Unstereotype, a digital campaign to recognise and showcase stories of real women and their experiences of breaking stereotypes. In India, there are stereotypes on how a woman should look depending on the roles she fulfils. If she doesn’t fit in, she is judged by society. Through this campaign, the brand aims to drive an impactful message, leading to a change in perception about correlating a woman’s look and her capabilities.

Aloknanda Roy, who is known for her social activism and teaching convicted inmates in Kolkata to dance, is an inspiration for her work towards the betterment of this group. She has been acknowledged for her initiative to work towards a group usually neglected by society. Her daily look includes wearing a turban. She, however, is way above what people say or think and is proud of her work.

Another real-life story is of Pratima Poddar, the first woman bus driver in Kolkata, who usually goes through the judgment of looking more like a housewife because of how she looks and her hairstyle. The brand was able to bring her story forward —  how she is able to rise above the judgement of society and continue doing her work.

Nilanjana Banerjee, a Kolkata-based radio jockey, is passionate about weight-lifting. However, she is usually teased for her looks and not seen as someone who can lift weights. She is a perfect example of how one can rise above the notion of how someone’s looks do not determine their capability of doing things.

Commenting on their campaign and stories of these women, Koshy George, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico, said, “Nihar Naturals believes that every woman has unlimited potential and strength and stereotyping them on the basis of their looks overshadow their efforts and hard work. The women featured in our videos have done extraordinary work in their respective professions and we salute their strength, determination and capability. The brand has always championed the cause of women’s progress and is a perfect embodiment of the spirit of these strong women.”

Stereotyping, especially on the basis of looks and hairstyles, curtails the extent that women can go to achieve their dreams and create a change in their lives as well as lives around them.