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Basking in the festivities that have gotten us all recharged,

McDowell's No1 Soda No1 Yaari jam has announced that it is bringing an extended season of celebrations that will bring the ‘No1 yaars’ together through music.

In collaboration with Believe, ‘No1 Yaari Jam’ this year is boasting of a line-up like never before.

Headlining the concerts across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Assam will be Farhan Akthar Live, Rapster Naezy the Baa, singer-songwriters Armaan Malik and Nikita Gandhi and Papon with Taba Chake.

The No1 Yaari Jams will have fun booths to click pictures, post on social media, laugh, connect, bond, and enjoy a unique immersive musical experience with your ‘yaars’.

The No1 Yaari Jam will also give the audience a chance to win golden tickets to bring alive their never-fulfilled holiday plan in Goa with their yaars at McDowell's No1 Villa.  

The return of the No1 Yaari Jam Originals – villa edition's iconic track "Ye No1 Yaari Hai" by Armaan and Amal Malik, along with Nikita Gandhi and Naezy will make all the yaars nostalgic and remember their best memories, no matter where they are.

Ruchira Jaitly, EVP Marketing and Portfolio Head at Diageo India, said, "Music and friendship have always been at the heart of everything we do at McDowell’s No1. The No1 Yaari Jam is an extremely successful IP that over the years, brought the best in music celebrating the special bond that brings yaars together, as seen earlier this year with the No 1 Yaari Jam Friendship Day concert. With this season of the No1 Yaari Jam, we look to create unmissable and magical musical experiences that bring yaars together for memories of a lifetime. Partnering us are an unbelievable roster of musicians, because at McDowell’s No1 we believe that when yaars create together, magic happens."

Subramanian Iyer – Director - Believe Entertainment, added, "We are thrilled to collaborate with the brand on the iconic Yaari Jam IP and be part of this legendary musical journey. As part of our mission to support artists at every stage of their careers, this is the perfect platform to not only celebrate music but also create phenomenal experiences for the artists.”