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MemeChat, a meme-creating platform, has launched Amy, which it claims is the world’s first-ever artificial intelligence meme generator that can make memes in a matter of seconds on its app.

Amy, a short form for ‘automated memes for you’, is also the world's fastest meme generator, according to the platform. Within hours of its launch, the feature was trending on Twitter, especially among meme creators and those who keenly follow the latest memes. Amy is now live at the MemeChat app as an invite-only feature. It supports all the messaging applications.

Kyle Fernandes, CEO and Co-Founder of MemeChat, said, “In the world of memes, this is a game-changer technology. Amy will allow users to create memes in a matter of seconds with minimal human intervention. Like any AI solution, it brings efficiency to the task. But this is one of those rare examples where technology and human creativity come together to create something astounding and ground-breaking. This feature has made creating content easier for the users. Now our users can make a meme with just an idea and in a matter of seconds. We are already seeing rising excitement among our users with many of them taking to it with full enthusiasm. We see this becoming one of our best and most popular features in the coming months.”

He said, “Amy, created by our CTO Ujjawal K Panchal, uses state of the art NLP (natural language processing) and deep learning mechanisms. It has been shaped to analyse information and produce humour. It solves problems that would be impossible or difficult by human or statistical standards. The system architecture has been optimised to generate humorous memes at the fingertips of users within seconds.”