MensXP, Carat India and Philips collaborated to launch branded video ‘Fathers: Then vs Now'

The video received over 17 million views across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and more than 50,000 shares organically

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On father’s day, Philips collaborated with MensXP to launch a branded video titled ‘Fathers: Then vs Now’ across major social media channels.

Conceptualised by ILN Studios, the 8-minute long video brought out a thematic contrast between fathers in the 90’s to those of today. It also amplified the invariable core idea that a father always pushes his son to do the right thing. The video has garnered more than 17 million views across social media, with over 4,00,000 positive reactions. Because of the video’s relevancy and relatability, the video fetched over 50,000 shares organically.

The video:

The media agency involved in the execution of the video is Carat India.

The light-hearted sketch poignantly emblematised father-son relationships and upheld the core values of support, trust and confidence.

 Angad Bhatia, Co-Founder and CEO - MensXP, said, “Indian Men are starting to care about what they wear and how they groom themselves more than ever before, and they are not stopping just there. At MensXP, we wanted to highlight the pivotal role of fathers both as pillars of strength and confidence, but also as mentors in grooming. To that effect, our video in partnership with Philips helped weave an evocative & relevant story on how fathers groom us for the future.”

Gulbahar Taurani, Vice-President, Personal Health, Philips Indian Subcontinent, said, “Philips is India's most loved and trusted personal grooming brand for nearly a decade. We have been pioneers in the category and have continuously innovated to delight our consumers. On the occasion of Father's Day we wanted to celebrate our deep relationship with the modern Indian man. The campaign was very well received and loved by the audience.”

“The Fathers: Then vs. Now video co-created in partnership with ILN Studios was an attempt to celebrate the new wave of progressive dynamism Indian men are embracing, both in their values and their grooming. Our primary role was to align Philips’ brand ethos of trust and confidence to spark a dialogue that yields real action. Given the heartening response to the video from our target audience, we’re glad to have been a part of this success story,” added Anita Kotwani, CEO, Carat India.

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