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Metro Brands, the Indian footwear brand, has launched a campaign titled ‘For People Who Move’ for its British footwear brand FitFlop.

The campaign showcases compelling stories of individuals who challenged the status quo, shattered boundaries, and etched their legacy with determination.

The campaign showcases that FitFlop is the ideal footwear of choice for those who are constantly on the move –a companion that seamlessly combines style and comfort.

The new campaign series features five individuals who have carved a niche for themselves: Akhil Akkineni, an actor who has been committed to carrying forward the legacy of his craft, Nandini Bhalla, an editor-in-chief known for her progressive contributions to the fashion industry, Anshuka Parwani, a wellness expert who rebuilt her life, Joseph Radhik, a wedding photographer with a knack for turning ordinary moments into the most extraordinary memories; and Vedant Lamba, a startup founder who has established a business in the sneaker space.  All of them sport versatile styles from the brand’s latest collection, crafted to keep them on the move.


Deepika Deepti, Senior VP-Marketing, Metro Brands, said, “With the narrative of ‘For People Who Move’, we want to narrate stories of icons who move the world forward in their extraordinary ways and broke through boundaries. We hope this campaign inspires people to be on the move, challenge limits and forge new paths. Whether you move behind the scenes with courage, defy all odds, steer important conversations, or preserve a legacy, FitFlop provides you with footwear that blends comfort and style seamlessly. FitFlop’s footwear range is not only fashion forward but also engineered with technology to provide exceptional comfort for those who are constantly on the move.”

The campaign traces inspiring stories through candid camera movements, immersing viewers in their lives. FitFlop stands as a pillar of support for these dynamic go-getters. With its unique technology and comfort, it aids them in carving a legacy. Each of these five personalities breathe life into the brand's fundamental ethos, spotlighting diverse dimensions of motion and transformation within their respective domains.

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