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MGChangemakers at Unconference by MG Motor India and Better India

Even as the British automotive company MG Motors is far from launching its range of cars in India in June 2019, it has started putting efforts to create advocacy for the brand with content marketing among other initiatives.

“Six months ago, we were thinking what should we do that would create advocacy for brand. What better we could have done to really understand the stories of some incredible work done by six Indian women for the marginalised communities through the #MGChangemakers campaign. Our vision behind the campaign was to highlight their extraordinary spirit and drive home the point that strong women build nations through their peerless grit and determination,” said Pallavi Singh, Head Marketing, MG Motor, India.

An idea that was conceived six months ago by MG Motors with the need to create brand advocacy, came into being last month. MG Motors partnered with The Better India to launch six different videos, highlighting India’s unsung heroes every week.

The campaign featured women like transgender activist Kalki Subramaniam, Padma Shree awardee Sudha Varghese, women-led rural banking pioneer Chetna Sinha, country’s youngest Sarpanch Jabna Chauhan, Dr. Rani Bang, founder of North-East Network and Monish Behal.

The campaign has been receiving a good response so far as it’s already creating its ripple effect; inspiring other women around to follow the same path as the protagonists.

“The association has fared really well because the stories have gone far and wide. We are hearing back from people in terms of they are very inspired from hearing and reading the stories, they are leaving their comments that are so motivating to read. We are hearing back from other brands also. However, we are just done with the campaign; there will be more to unfold,” said Singh.

According to Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motors, finding the right content partner that resonates with the brand is very important.

“It’s very important for brands to partner with someone where the values of brands actually resonate with what initiative is and what they are going to focus on. Eventually, this partnership should become the fabric of the organisation. The kind of content ideology supports MG Motor’s is the ideology of culture and diversity, equality, being unconventional so does Better India,” said Gupta.

“Better India is the only platform which tells such amazing and positive stories. We thought we can create an amazing campaign, but if we don’t distribute it to the right platform, then they just remain in a boardroom. We gave a brief to Better India and said that it has to be a narrative of change through a person’s efforts but has an impact on the larger community and we picked the stories together with Better India,” said Singh.

“At our publication, the focus has always been on impactful storytelling. By joining hands with MG Motor India, we have been able to take this vision a step forward through the #MGChangemakers campaign and enhance the reach and appeal of the inspiring stories of six women catalysts of change in India,” said Tanaya Singh, Deputy Editor, The Better India.