MG Motor India partners with Songdew to present music video ‘Naina'

The initiative aims to redefine creative expression, providing a multi-sensory experience that promises to captivate music lovers

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MG Motor India, in association with Songdew - the online Music Business Administration platform for indie artists – has presented "Naina" - a collaboration that brings together the realms of art and music.

The initiative aims to redefine creative expression, providing a multi-sensory experience that promises to captivate music lovers.

"Naina" features a music track composed by the band Nawazishein, accompanied by a painting created by painter Vijender Sharma.  

"Naina" integrates two forms of art, with the aim to offer a multisensory experience to music lovers worldwide.  

Nawazishein, selected as the two best emerging music talents through the MG Taal initiative, brings their musical prowess to the forefront in "Naina."  

Sharma, known for his captivating artworks, has lent his remarkable talent to "NAINA." Inspired by the theme of the track, Sharma created a painting in his inimitable style, visually interpreting the emotions and essence of the song.

Sharma said, "Creativity and innovation always excite me to cross my boundaries. I loved the composition and the thought behind the track 'Naina,' and I am sure that the audience would be able to see the same thoughts in the painting created by me."

The music video of "Naina" features Nawazishein performing their evocative track, accompanied by glimpses of Sharma's artistic process as he creates his painting. This visual symphony intertwines the power of music and the finesse of painting, providing an immersive experience for viewers.

Udit Malhotra, Head- Marketing, MG Motor India, said, "MG Taal Season 2 reaffirms our dedication to cultivating exceptional indie talent and bringing their artistry to the forefront. Nawazishein’s 'NAINA' showcases the immense potential and highlights the impact of MG Taal in nurturing their talent." 

Ananya Khanna, Head of Marketing for Songdew, said, "We are delighted to work with MG Taal on various initiatives to take the music of outstanding artists to the next level. ’Naina' is not only a unique initiative that brings art and music together, but it is also a testimonial to the power and quality of music being created by young musicians in India, as artists of the stature of Vijender Sharma were able to relate to the emotions of the music and agreed to be part of this initiative." 

"NAINA" is now available on all major streaming platforms, allowing music lovers to immerse themselves in its melodies and lyrics. The music video can be viewed on Songdew TV, as well as various digital platforms.

Additionally, FM Fever and the Josh app, supporters of the MG Taal program, will be sharing the music of "NAINA" with their audience and users.

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