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One competitive consumer durables category that relies heavily on influencers and content marketing is phone brands. While the category is a heavy spender on advertising, it also goes for the content route.

Be it promoting technology, camera quality, look and feel or even the price points, phone brands use content creators in a creative way rather than letting them directly post the features like an ad. A few examples are using the phone to shoot full films, sharing the life journeys of content creators, photo contests, user-generated content, web series integrations and more. One thing that remains constant in these content initiatives is the use of influencers as content creators.

One campaign that caught’s attention was Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Lite’s #mifloatingchallenge. Mi collaborated with lifestyle influencers such as Akash Gupta, Mithila Palkar, Karishma Sharma and Aishwarya Rajesh for the campaign.

Influencer posts:

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All the influencers are from the entertainment industry with a high level of engagement on social media. Such collaborations help brands spread awareness in no time. These influencers also act as credible advocates, driving the brand objective through their posts.

According to data provided by content marketing agency Sheeko, in an estimated media value spend pegged between Rs 10-16 lakh, the brand garnered more than six million views. One can see the spike in the graph during the campaign period between June 14 and July 5, 2021.

Caption: Sheeko historical graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram over a year

The idea of the campaign was that as soon as people hold the Mi 11 Lite phone in their hands, they feel so light and elated that it symbolically sweeps them off their feet in the air.

The creators posted videos with their feet rising above the ground, giving the look of being swept off their feet. They asked people to create similar videos. The best entries had a chance to win Mi 11 Lite phones.