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After joining hands with MyGlamm, POPxo, and Plixxo in August 2020, the Good Glamm Group is now rolling out its first-ever influencer marketing platform – Good Creator Co (GCC). For their latest venture, the Good Glam Group had acquired Winkl and Vidooly in the last quarter of 2021.

Co-founded by Malini Agarwal (Founder, MissMalini Entertainment), Nowshad Rizwanullah (Co-Founder and CEO, MissMalini Entertainment), Mike Melli (Co-Founder and CRO, MissMalini Entertainment), Rahul Singh (Co-Founder and CEO, Winkl), Nikhil Kumar (Co-founder and CTO at Winkl), Subrat Kar (Co-founder and CEO at Vidooly), Nishant Radia (Co-Founder and CMO, Vidooly) and Ajay Mishra (Co-founder and CTO at Vidooly), GCC aims to create a full stack global creator ecosystem providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to influencers  and brands.

The collective count of influencers that fall under the umbrella of GCC is 250,000, that reaches more than 70 million users every month. GCC currently has a Rs 75 crore revenue run rate and is targeting a Rs 250 crore revenue run rate by December 2022.

While interacting with BuzzInContent, Priyanka Gill, Co-founder, Good Glamm Group and Founder and CEO, Plixxo, said, “It all started in 2020 when MyGlamm, POPxo and Plixxo came together. That is when we were able to dramatically reduce the cost of users buying MyGlamm products. Later on, Baby Chakra came in and we announced the formation of the Good Glamm Group. We acquired a bunch of fantastic beauty and personal care brands. But alongside that we were also observing the influence that the creators have on the Good Glamm Group, on the brands that we were acquiring. That is what got us thinking that we should be looking at this market, building out all the creator and influencer market itself. And that is what today became the Good Creator Co.”

Malini Agarwal, Co-founder, Good Creator Co and Founder, MissMalini Entertainment, added, “I’ve always thought that MissMalini is the matchmaker between the brand and the creator finding the right fit. Because a lot of times brands don’t know who to go to or the influencer doesn’t know how to run their sales. Because they may not have that sort of experience.”

While sharing her thoughts on the alliances and GCC, she added, “To be able to work with Winkl, Vidooly and Plixxo, we’re able to enhance our offerings so much. I’ve always been advocating collaboration over competition so I’m really excited about this.”

“For us, it’s been so many years as a full-service creative agency, we’ve been providing our clients with digital first marketing and communication strategies from the beginning and from the time we’d be knocking on the doors, trying to explain what is digital marketing, what is influencer marketing? People wouldn’t really know. But now, we’re living in times where A-listers, Bollywood celebrities are selling products on their Instagram as well. We’ve really seen it from the beginning. So, it’s really like watching a child grow up,” added Malini.

While narrating the impact of technology, Rahul Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, Winkl, said, “We can leverage technology to have a larger impact. We can cater to the full stack of influencer marketing and try to get every single influencer from nano, micro, macro and even a single seller on a single platform.”

“Joining hands with Vidooly, Miss Malini, Plixxo the impact of the technology and product that we’ve built just becomes 10 times higher. Looking at the bigger picture, it helps us make the influencers financially independent. When a lot of our strengths come together, the power of a platform becomes much higher than what we were individually,” Rahul added.

Nishant Radia, Co-Founder and CMO, Vidooly, said, “We’ve been consulting brands and agencies for a long time now but whenever it comes to influencer marketing, the popular theory that everyone goes by is Hero, Hub and Hygiene. With Miss Malini, we have A-listers – the Hero, with Plixxo and Winkl we have the entire Hub and Hygiene content in place. All at one place.”

GCC aims to become a hub for creators to learn, connect, build networks, influence and make money. It will be launching an app where the creators will be able to keep a tab of their work and performance of their campaigns.

The GCC mobile app, which the team speaks highly of, will be the heart of the new initiative. It aims to include social media platforms, tutorial videos for creators, access to the creator’s community and a lot more.

An end-to-end stack for creators, GCC will be empowering the creators by educating them about their data, what they’re good at, what their reach is and what is really creating an impact on the brands. Not only that, but the GCC mobile application will be providing all the user related data in a dashboard, along with connecting the creators to the marketers, brands and agencies based upon their expertise.

GCC has raised Rs 200 crore seed capital from the Good Glamm Group and will be functioning on an independent mandate. GCC will also be investing in and acquiring fast-growing influencer companies and technology solutions. 

While commenting on their investment plan, Singh said, “A lot of our funds will be invested in building great products, great technology, studio spaces, product services that help creators create better content. For us, a lot of money is going to go into not just influencer marketing, but I think building out for a larger space. We’ll be investing heavily in products or services that helps creators make more money.”

Gill added, “All the tools that creators need to scale and grow, some of those are out, all the learning tools that they need, all the tools that they need to make money and access brand campaigns, and all the data and the backend operations – for the creators as well as for the brands is where the money will go.”

When asked about the type of content they are eying to create for the marketers, the team says they can target short as well as long formats of content based upon the demand. Also, GCC isn’t going to shy away from partnering with a mixed set of clients.