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Cred recently announced its new masterclass series ‘The Long Game’ to bring fans closer to the stars of the sport. In the fourth episode of the six-part series, Cred has featured top cricketer Mithali Raj, an inspiration for countless women and also lovers of cricket. In the episode, Raj will discuss the lessons that she learned from the various celebratory and difficult moments.

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‘The Long Game’ is a masterclass series by Cred where talented, much-loved cricketers share insights from their lives, careers and learnings. The first three episodes saw stalwarts Mohinder Amarnath, Rahul Dravid and Kapil Dev going down memory lane, reliving some of the most famous incidents and sharing untold stories with Cred members and cricket fans.

In this episode, Raj, a name who brought women’s cricket to the mainstream, will be seen sharing her experiences - from becoming the captain of the national side at a very young age, bringing a new wave of fandom to women’s cricket to being dropped as the skipper. Raj will further share her heartbreaks and the learnings from these events that helped her grow and become better, hoping that fans will be inspired by her journey.

Trupthi Shetty, Cred, said, “Cred aims to enable a good life for its members through rewards and experiences. We hope this new series ‘The Long Game’, will inspire them through life lessons from some of the accomplished stars of cricket. We bring Mithali Raj in this episode who has been an inspiration to many, particularly women, who want to play and support women’s cricket. Through her memories, on and off the field, our members and fans of the sport can take away valuable lessons from this episode.”

Raj said, “The previous episodes of ‘The Long Game’ brought priceless take-aways from my heroes. I hope fans and aspiring cricketers can learn from my experiences that I will share in this episode. It was my first time working with CRED and it is great to see how they reward the community for being financially responsible through their various initiatives.”