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Mixed Route Juice, a Delhi-based boutique social and creative agency, has forayed into the trending short-video content segment by launching its new vertical ‘MRJ Shorts’.

MRJ Shorts will cater to its viewers through its short format munchable content pieces. 

The decision to enter this segment was motivated by the fact that short-form videos provide more leeway to create hard-hitting, relatable videos that get right to the point without the time commitment of longer-form content. Video marketing can help a company increase sales, conversions, and brand awareness.

Amrita Sharma, Co-founder and Creative Head, Mixed Route Juice, said “Our experience with past few campaigns tell us that video formats give 76% more ROI in terms of leads, visibility, or whatever your metric is.”

“Today, 80% of our clients that invested in video content said they would do it again. We decided to build a unique vertical specialising in short format video content creation because of this, as well as the increasing trend of consumers across categories to consume short video content. The team consists of ten experts, and we're on track to expand in the following quarters,” Sharma added.

MRJ Shorts are ideal for those who are looking for unique videos that meet their needs and the users will be able to publish their material across a variety of platforms, including social networking sites, and they will be able to promote it through Google advertisements and use it for display campaigns.

With the launch of MRJ Shorts, the company is all equipped to work with clients of all sizes and is looking forward to support small businesses and start-ups.