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Voltbek Home Appliances, a joint venture between Voltas and Europe’s consumer durables player, Arçelik, has launched a new digital video ‘Kahan Gaya Mummy ka Sunday’.

The video is a part of ‘The Sunday Paradox’, a larger campaign between Voltas Beko and Momspresso, a platform providing content for the multi-faceted mothers of today.

The video:

The digital video ‘Kahan Gaya Mummy ka Sunday’ is based on the insights gained from research conducted among mothers across India to understand their latent needs for personal time on weekends.

This video, conceptualised by Momspresso, is created as a thought-starter — to compel the audience to think about a missing day of rest for the mother — irrespective of whether she is a stay-at-home-mum or a working professional. In a simple slice-of-life narrative, the film depicts a typical Sunday in the life of a mother wherein she is attending to one household chore after another, trying to get the routine stuff out of the way. The film depicts a chance remark by her young daughter, which jolts the father into a sudden realisation that indeed, his wife just doesn't get a break.

The collaboration released a detailed survey called ‘The Sunday Paradox’, which showed that 50% moms across India state that Sundays are more stressful than weekdays due to household chores and preparations for the coming week while 43% moms across the country said they do not get to wake up late on Sundays.

Speaking about the digital video and the campaign, Jayant Balan, CEO, VoltBek Home Appliances, said, “Mothers across the country are working without a break, much harder than most others—in progressing their career, and in taking care of their homes and families. Our research shows that most mothers find Sundays far more stressful than weekdays. Voltas Beko is dedicated to making the lives of each ‘mom’ easier by offering technologically superior, easy to use, energy-efficient home appliances, which have been specifically designed for Indian conditions. As part of the Tata Group, customer-centricity remains the core of our proposition, and we remain committed to offering ‘made for India products.”

Parul Ohri, Editor of Momspresso and the Creative Producer of the film, added, “Even with the best of intentions, it is easy for family members to take the mother for granted, to enjoy the perfect Sunday without realising it comes at the cost of her day of relaxation. Our quantitative research, as well as our interactions with millions of mothers, shows that while mums certainly miss their day of rest, they are so caught up in the natural busyness of a Sunday and doing something special for their families, that they do not even get the chance to give it a second thought. So through this film and a very relatable narrative, we would like to get people to start thinking about her. We then leave viewers with a simple call to action — to make sure that Sundays are for everyone.”