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Pepsi and Netflix have come together for the first time in India to celebrate the finale of the globally loved series, Money Heist. Ahead of the premiere of Part 1 of the series finale on September 3 on Netflix, Pepsi unveiled a limited edition set of golden cans and packs inspired by the iconic series, leading up to the virtual fan party in October 2021 for all Money Heist fans.  

The golden cans and packs will feature iconic elements from the hit series the ‘Dali mask’ and ‘Bella Ciao’. They will also serve as a golden ticket to the virtual party, which will give fans access to exclusive content, bring them closer to their favourite Money Heist characters and celebrate with fans from across the country, and much more. 

Pepsi has launched a digital film, shot by Bollywood director Ahmed Khan, which features brand ambassador Tiger Shroff. In the film, Tiger is sent on a mission by The Professor to retrieve the missing golden cans and packs. At the end of this action-packed film, Tiger successfully completes the mission and shares details of how consumers can now register for the ultimate virtual fan party by scanning the Pepsi logo. 

The film:

Saumya Rathor, Category Lead, Pepsi Cola, PepsiCo India, said, “Pepsi has always been a culture curator and the choice of the Swag generation. In line with this, we have endeavoured to reach out to our audiences through moments and platforms most relevant to them. Money Heist has garnered a following of its own. The show and the effortless Swag of its characters fit in seamlessly with Pepsi’s brand proposition. We are excited to launch the limited-edition golden cans/packs and the new digital film in the run-up to the biggest virtual fan event.”

"We are thrilled to celebrate the epic fandom of Money Heist and its finale with Pepsi. The upcoming virtual fan party is where all Money Heist fans should be, and to get there, all that’s needed are Pepsi’s golden cans. We can’t wait for this incredible event, a prelude to a fitting farewell to this iconic series,” said Shilpa Singh, Director, Marketing Partnerships, Netflix India.  

The limited-edition Pepsi golden cans and packs come with a special QR code that will give consumers a chance to register for the fan party to be hosted on YouTube in October 2021. Fans can scan the Pepsi logo from anywhere – cans, packs, billboards, and on the internet through the Pepsi India Instagram filter to get their golden ticket. The cans and packs are available on all modern trade outlets and select e-commerce channels till December to mark the final season of Money Heist.