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As the monsoon season envelops the country, it brings with it a mix of challenges and delights. Monsoons often create problems that require preparedness and the use of suitable products and services while simultaneously evoking a sense of cultural memory and pleasure.

There are diverse narratives surrounding the monsoon season, from urging viewers to be prepared with Dettol and Aquaguard to invoking the joy of monsoon indulgences with Switz. While some products allude to the sense of nostalgia, others offer services to counter the downsides that come with the advent of the monsoon season.

Let’s explore two distinct categories of messaging that we found reflected in various campaigns

Category A: Monsoons can create problems – Solutions for the treacherous rains


The monsoon season often brings waterborne diseases and contamination concerns. To ensure the safety of your family, it's crucial to have clean drinking water. Aquaguard, a trusted brand in water purification, has introduced the Aquaguard Monsoon campaign, a 30-second commercial highlighting the importance of clean water during the rainy season.

The video starts with a mother concerned about her child, her child has developed a fever with the advent of the monsoon. She is sponging her child with water as the doctor sits next to the boy for the check-up. The mother is surprised that her kid is sick as she has never once sent him out after the advent of the monsoon season. Both the child and the mother are wearing dull colours, and the frame itself is dimly lit to connote the sadness caused by the child’s sickness.

The doctor informs the mother that even though she may not have sent him out in the rain, the water inside their home could’ve been responsible for his ill health. After getting Aquaguard installed, the child and the mother sit in the balcony area of their house wearing bright colours while rain pours down on a brightly lit frame.

Dettol Disinfectant Spray – For monsoon

The Dettol Disinfectant Spray commercial underscores the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment during the monsoon season. The video is pretty simple, it shows a woman spraying the Dettol disinfectant spray in her home to counter the odour and germs that monsoon brings along with it while her husband prepares a meal and brings it to her. By showcasing how Dettol's spray can effectively eliminate germs, the video urges viewers to be prepared for potential health risks that monsoons bring.

Towards the end of the video, we hear the voiceover, “Ab baarishon ke liye ghar ready hai” (The home is ready for the rains). Followed by the tagline - “Dettol Disinfectanct Spray – Zindagi ke liye ghar ready hai”. (By using Dettol disinfectant spray, The home is ready forever)

Visually, we see both the characters in the video wear blue colours, and the frame is also dimly lit and has a blue-hued tone. The colours all symbolise the advent of rain, the dimly lit frame is because of the darkness caused by the clouds, and blue resonates with the colour of the rain.

#RainReady with Volvo - Monsoon car care tips

The #RainReady campaign by Volvo with Autocar India shows that driving during the monsoon season can be challenging due to slippery roads and reduced visibility. To ensure a safe and pleasant journey, Autocar India and Volvo have produced the "#RainReady with Volvo - Monsoon car care tips" video series. In this video, they provide valuable insights on car maintenance, tire care, and driving techniques that are essential for monsoon driving. The campaigns tell us that the key to having a safe monsoon driving experience is to stay informed and keep yourself and your loved ones safe on the road this season.

Volvo's monsoon car care tips video series communicates safety and preparedness. The video's visuals of well-maintained cars signify reliability and durability, aligning with Volvo's brand image. The emphasis on tire care and maintenance symbolizes control and stability during challenging monsoon conditions. Additionally, the video's driving techniques indicate adaptability and caution, reflecting Volvo's commitment to passenger safety.

Category B: Monsoon pleasure – Nostalgia and cultural delights

Monsoon with Switz | Go Create... - Home of Switz:

Switz taps into the cultural memory and imagination associated with monsoons. Through their evocative campaign, they remind us of the simple joys of monsoon indulgences, such as sipping on steaming chai and relishing pakoras and samosas. Switz connects with consumers by appealing to their emotions and creating a sense of nostalgia, making their brand an integral part of monsoon festivities.

In the video, we see an upper-middle-class woman, presumably a working professional who gets down from her car in the rain while talking to her mother about the samosa recipe for her husband. It is their first monsoon rain together, so she wants to make it special by preparing samosas for her husband, thus creating memories together. However, when the lady gets back to her home, we find out that the husband has prepared samosas for both of them. She gets pleasantly surprised, and they relish the samosas together. Towards the end of the video, we hear the tagline – “Go create your monsoon memories with Switz.”

The message is clear that monsoon is a time to create memories by tapping into the nostalgic memories of the customers around monsoon. The video also portrays an idyllic home situation – The man prepares samosas for his wife after she comes back home. Two upper-middle-class newly married people relishing samosas after work makes for an idealised notion of marriage and life. Visually, the clothes of both the characters standing together resemble the logo of the company.


The diverse narratives portrayed in the above videos reflect the multifaceted nature of the monsoon season, highlighting both the necessity of addressing challenges and the importance of embracing the pleasures and cultural experiences it brings. While in the first category, brands like Aquaguard, Dettol, and Volvo emphasised the importance of preparedness and safety; the second category of messaging featuring Switz’ campaign revolved around the cultural delights and nostalgic memories associated with monsoons.

In the first category, however, most communications related to the monsoon season tended to fall into the trap of using mundane visuals and generic stock footage, making them appear uninteresting and forgettable. Brands can rectify this problem by taking a more evocative approach to truly harness the power of the monsoon and make a lasting impact on the audience.

By incorporating elements such as sound and tapping into the nostalgia associated with this season, brands can create a deeper emotional connection with their target audience. To do this successfully, they must ensure that their campaigns are culturally resonant, align with the desires of consumers, and tap into the joyous and cherished memories associated with the monsoon season. By doing so, brands can establish a deeper connection with their target audience and leave a lasting impression.

However, it is also crucial for brands to avoid merely appropriating cultural elements without understanding their significance. Cultural sensitivity is vital, and the expression of the campaign should align with the cultural ethos of the target audience. Whether it's emphasising the joy of indulging in comfort foods during rainy days or promoting products that enhance the monsoon experience, the content should resonate with the cultural context of the region.