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Even before the unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone 15 series at the launch event on September 12, an advertisement featuring Apple CEO Tim Cook stole the show.

Cook posted a video content on social media showcasing Apple’s efforts towards environment conservation. Not only does the video feature the Hollywood actor Octavia Spencer, but one could also see Cook showcasing his acting skills.

The video:

"At Apple, we believe that climate change is one of the world's most urgent priorities and we are deeply committed to doing our part. Today we had a special guest-a real force of nature, stop by to check on our progress," the Apple CEO wrote.

In the content, Spencer is shown playing the role of Mother Nature at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, United States.

Within the setup of a meeting room, Cook and a group of employees are shown presenting updates on the company’s ongoing efforts to achieve its environmental objectives. While actor Spencer is shown presiding over the meeting. The updates presented by the employees including Cook are Apple’s transition to shipping products via ocean routes, lesser use of plastic in packaging and investments made in preserving the Earth’s soil, flora, and forests.

As per the description of the video on YouTube, in 2020, Apple promised to bring its entire carbon footprint to net zero by 2030 — through innovations in materials, clean energy, low-carbon shipping, and restoring natural ecosystems. Now Mother Nature needs a status report from Apple’s environmental team. And it better be good.”