Mother's Day campaigns that made a mark in 2022

Ditching the typical narrative, brands this year also tried to put the focus on personal achievements, opinions and individuality of mothers in their campaigns

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Like any year, brands this year tried to honour and recognise the role mothers play in our lives. However, the brands seem to have realised that mothers are human too and this time around focused on highlighting their personal achievements, opinions and their individuality. takes a look at the Mother’s Day campaigns that touched our hearts this year. 

Tanishq- With its Mother’s Day Campaign, the brand tried to highlight how motherhood is no less than a leadership role. It showed a woman turning up for an interview and talking about her last stint in a leadership role at a company that lasted just 14 months. She later reveals that the stint was indeed the role of playing a full-time mother to a baby. The campaign and its tagline have been winning hearts across the internet. The tagline goes, “A maternity break isn’t a gap in her resume. It's a Bootcamp in leadership.”

SBI Life- The film showcases a new mom feeling ‘mother’s guilt’ about missing her lifestyle after becoming a new mother. It also features four mothers, who are also active professionally, help the new mom emotionally. The film asked mothers about their experience of motherhood. It also asks all mothers to also take care of themselves so that they can be the best version of themselves for the child.

Chaayos- This year’s brand film showcases a group of moms chilling and relaxing at a Chaayos outlet. The group then talks about the different ways their kids have tried to express their love to them in small ways. It later asks all kids to sit and have a cup of chai with their mothers on the occasion.

Id Fresh- An extension of its Khaana Khaaya campaign, the brand highlights the importance of a simple question. It shows the story of an old mother who is paralysed and her daughter who is also a soon-to-be mother.  The brand’s food acts like a metaphor in communicating hard-to-express, yet universally relatable emotions between a child and a mom. 

MOM by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi - Method Of Madness (MOM) is a sustained initiative started in 2012 by creative agency Scarecrow M&C Saatchi. Prior to the pandemic, they used to invite the students of art, design, and advertising institutes for comprehensive interactions, and to celebrate the work, views, and journeys of renowned and well-experienced stalwarts of the ad industry.  However, all of it had to stop during the pandemic. 

The agency restored the sessions in a virtual format at a time when students were feeling depressed and low. In order for the videos to be easily accessible, they have also compiled all the videos on their YouTube page.

To promote the same, the agency has drafted an audio and video message in form of a film and radio spot with the voice of Rohini Hattangadi, India’s first and the only leading lady to win a BAFTA, who has played prominent roles in films like ‘Gandhi’ and ‘Agneepath’.

Biba- The ‘Project Ghar’ campaign, talks about how mothers devoid of any monetary benefits have been doing a 24-hour job every day. It says that while all of us are expecting an appraisal from our offices in this period, children must also reward the best team performer at homes.

Extra Marks- The education platform’s campaign focuses on recognising mothers as the first teacher in a child’s life. It talks about how mothers play an important role in making the kids confident and believing in themselves. The film pays homage to all the efforts a mother takes to nurture the child. 

BPCL- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, gives an ode to mothers who are never off-duty and never care for credit. The video also celebrates and re-instates the identity of a mother and highlights that a mother is more than your favourite cook. 

Aachho- The brand film is a compilation of motherhood advice from different moms across age groups for new mothers. The narrative of the entire campaign is based on voicing the unique stories of six empowered mothers and how motherhood led to them finding their true selves.


Hindustan Times- On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Hindustan Times rolled out a touching message about motherhood saying, ‘Motherhood doesn’t know any borders’. Conceptualised by Dentsu Impact, the film is shot in Istanbul and shows the tale of a child refugee seeking asylum in the country. The little girl is being taken off by a nurse who later adopts her.  It aims to bring out the sentiment that motherhood is bound by neither geopolitical borders nor blood.

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