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What’s white, round, fluffy and makes for a perfect meal whether breakfast or lunch or a quick snack? It’s the humble but versatile Idli! And to commemorate this delightful and nostalgic comfort dish, MTR Foods on this World Idli Day brings forth 50 Idli recipes curated by 22 food influencers and MTR’s Center of Excellence. This collaborative effort in the form of an MTR Wow Idli virtual cookbook brings alive the versatility of the Idli with some of the most unique and innovative video recipes for consumers to Wow their families.

The MTR Foods Idli mix portfolio has a diverse offering for consumers, be it the iconic Rava Idli, Rice Idli, Oats Idli or Masala Idli, catering to every Idli craving. Some of the popular food influencers featured in the MTR Wow Idli Cookbook are Kabitas Kitchen, food pages such as Hebbars Kitchen and Gobblegram that are seen using the MTR Idli mix to prepare exciting recipes for consumers to try.

Some of the recipes the MTR Wow Idli Cookbook features are Cheesy Idli Pizza, Rava Idli Burger, Oats Idli White Pasta, Choco chip Idli and Peri-peri Rava Idli fries. Consumers can access more of these yummy recipes by visiting the link –

The campaign done in partnership with Wavemaker India began with an on-ground activation in collaboration with delivery services company Dunzo. To commence the celebration of World Idli Day and intimate consumers of this exciting new cookbook, MTR Foods has started a campaign to reach over 85,000 households with a special MTR Idli hamper and a unique QR code linking them to the MTR Wow Idli Cookbook.

Talking about the campaign, Sunay Bhasin, Chief Marketing Officer, MTR Foods, said, “Idli has always been a popular breakfast dish in India and over the years has gained a much bigger share of the plate. Consumers from all over the country enjoy this simple yet versatile dish not only for breakfast but across meals.”

He added, “High-quality, delicious range of products have always been MTR’s promise, and this World Idli Day we are showcasing the versatility of our range of Idli products with the help of this collaborative and unique virtual MTR Wow Idli Cookbook with more than 50 recipes. We are glad to have partners like Dunzo be a part of our journey, enabling us to reach over 85,000 consumers who can try MTR Idli products and recipes from the cookbook and Wow their families.”

Kishan Kumar Shyamalan, Chief Growth Officer, Wavemaker India, said, "Idli is the most popular dish across India by far; it is my belief that if Idli were to stand for an election, it will win hands down! So when Idli celebrates its happy b'day, MTR Foods which is synonymous with authentic Indian cuisine decided to have some fun. The team at Wavemaker is extremely proud to co-create this fun campaign with MTR around World Idli Day by bringing media, content and influencers together.”  

The MTR Wow Idli Cookbook was launched through a Facebook Live event hosted on the Momspresso page.

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