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MX Player has announced their second interactive initiative Amazon presents ‘Balcony Buddies’. A Friendship Day special, the film is about an accidental friendship between two strangers in lockdown who have only one thing in common — a balcony facing each other and it celebrates their lockdown friendship like never before.

Enabling viewers to decide on the course of the story, MX Player is the only homegrown OTT platform to introduce you to this new wave of storytelling.

Sunanda (played by Aisha Ahmed) is bored out of her wits in lockdown and yoga is her only saviour until one day she notices a stranger across the balcony imitating her asanas.

Just when she is about to freak out, the stranger asks her if she could teach him yoga. Thus begins the tale of Sunanda and Prateek (essayed by Amol Parashar), aka the Balcony Buddies.

In collaboration with Amazon for their ‘Har Pal Fashionable’ campaign, the film creates occasions/moments within the narrative, allowing audiences to choose the best fashion looks for the cast that can be bought from, therefore seamlessly seeding in the messaging of ‘Har Pal Fashionable’.

The film:

Sidd Mantri, SVP, Product at MX Player, said, “With interactive video, MX has enabled personalising the story to each individual user’s preferences. We are putting the user in control of exploring multiple forks in the story by generating user curiosity with multiple “what-if” moments that deliver non-linear story lines. We’ve fundamentally disrupted video as a story-telling format that’s remained linear for 100+ years since the invention of video in the late 19th century.”

Pankaj Malani, Head of Brand Partnerships at MX Player, said, “There is an appreciation for brands that invest in content and innovate with their storytelling in order to break through the clutter. We’re delighted to have had this opportunity to collaborate with Amazon, to bring alive their Har Pal Fashionable campaign in this MX Special Interactive Film. Content today needs to add value and entertain the viewers, and with initiatives like these, we aim to seamlessly integrate the brand voice with content, making it a wholesome experience for our large audiences.”