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MyGlamm and POPxo have launched MyGlammXO, a crowdsourcing platform where users will be involved at every step of the creation process of MyGlamm beauty products. The collected data will enable the brand to better understand and find out what Indian women want from their beauty products. This will enable MyGlamm to create high efficacy, cruelty-free, clean beauty products that take into account all that their users’ wants and need.

MyGlamm and POPxo represent a community of more than 50 million women and have produced and sold millions of beauty products including makeup, skincare, and personal care items. The strategy behind this initiative is based on the 5C model - Consumer, Content, Conversation, Co-creation and Community.

This initiative will be powered by MyGlammXO INSIDER - a common reward program across both POPxo and MyGlamm. Users will be rewarded with redeemable points, for sharing their opinion as part of the ‘Great Glamm Survey’, on what they want from their beauty products. These points can then be redeemed for free beauty products on MyGlamm. 

This common reward program is further powered by POPxo’s strength in having meaningful, two-way communication with millions of women and MyGlamm’s strength in creating technologically advanced beauty products - ultimately enabling women across India to co-create the beauty products of their dreams.

Darpan Sanghvi, Founder and CEO, MyGlamm, said, “We’re moving away from archaic practices and giving Indian women the power to decide what beauty should look like. With POPxo, MyGlamm will lead the democratization of the beauty movement in India.” 

Priyanka Gill, Founder and CEO, POPxo and Co-Founder, MyGlamm, said, “Both MyGlamm and POPxo have been built for the Indian female consumer and are equally committed to supporting women in every sphere of their lives. With this initiative, we will leverage the power of content to meaningfully engage with and truly listen to our users to co-create products they want.”  

Last month, MyGlamm and POPxo came together to create the largest 3C (Content + Community + Commerce) company in South Asia. The large user base, proven digital and go to market capabilities, and data-driven insights into what millennial women want will help MyGlamm and POPxo successfully co-create, launch and market products in the beauty and lifestyle category.