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Native advertising platform Outbrain has announced the launch of Zemanta, a native demand side platform (DSP), in India. With this launch, marketers and agencies will get access to one of the largest native supply opportunities in the world, spanning dozens of programmatic native exchanges and SSPs, including Outbrain’s own native advertising platform.

Unlike traditional DSPs which are built to buy impressions, Zemanta is designed to buy clicks. The platform bids on impressions based on its proprietary algorithms for predicting user engagement. Furthermore, it will optimise campaigns for post-click performance, uniquely optimising for KPIs such as cost per visit, bounce rate, time on site, cost per lead or sale.

In 2017, Outbrain acquired Zemanta and established its footprint in the US, Europe and Australia and now intends to do the same in India.

“Digital marketing has grown on the strength of two important trends: Efficiency gains from programmatic buying and the performance that comes from native advertising. Marketers no longer have to sacrifice one in favour of the other,” said Todd Sawicki, Chief Executive Officer of Zemanta. “The Zemanta DSP offers marketers the benefit of scale, user engagement, advanced automation and transparency all together in one offering,” added Sawicki.

“Outbrain’s platform offers Smart Native – performance and engagement-driven advertising. This aligns perfectly with Zemanta's performance and engagement technical DNA, making it a characteristic fit with Outbrain's offering,” said Head of India for Outbrain, Sandeep Balani. “Furthermore, Zemanta will help our demand partners to have access to all platforms with a single dashboard, which will enable them to consolidate their native buying with a single platform.”