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Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) has again collaborated with Navneet Education's office stationery brand 'HQ' for season two of #CarveYourNiche campaign, for its new collection of premium journals and notebooks. 

TTT has crafted stories that showcase HQ’s new collection as the go-to choice for anyone on the path to making their mark and carving a unique niche for themselves.

TTT builds a narrative for Navneet HQ’s #CarveYourNiche campaign with impactful, bite-sized storytelling for season 2.

The campaign in the second edition promises to be bigger both in terms of content and engagement.

The first page of a new journal brims with endless possibilities - it’s the fresh start to a new dream, a new story or a goal. It is no wonder, then, that writers, creators, and dreamers have a special connection with their journals. The #CarveYourNiche season 2 campaign aims to highlight this unique bond, as well as celebrate new beginnings and the unlocking of new possibilities through the process of journaling.

For the #CarveYourNiche second edition campaign, the storytelling platform captured relevant, personal and relatable moments, instances and epiphanies faced by everyday people in their daily lives through formats like animated reels, long-form text, chat fiction, live action short video and more, thereby striking a chord with their audience. 

Anuj Gosalia, Founder and CEO, Terribly Tiny Tales, said, "Words create worlds. TTT’s community of writers, readers and creators are a perfect fit for Navneet HQ’s beautiful journals and diaries. Our audience has an enduring connection with the brand, and with HQ, it speaks to them in a modern and relevant way. Our community looks forward to these stories. We have pushed on formats and the depth of stories in our second partnership, and our endeavour will be to make it bigger and better every year.”

Abhijit Sanyal, Chief Strategy Officer, said, “We, with our brand HQ, had tied up with TTT about a year ago and have been happy with the outcome, in terms of excellent viewer engagement and brand awareness building. We are tying up again to continue the interesting journey. This is indeed a unique path to throw light on how journals and diaries can go beyond just writing day-to-day notes. TTT has captured our message beautifully through their everyday life stories. This will hopefully inspire everyone to take a pause and pen down their thoughts while unleashing their creativity. We want our consumers to be delighted with the overall writing experience. There are not many brands, other than HQ, offering products specifically for this niche space, and at Navneet Education, we believe in creating products that someone with inherently good taste would appreciate.”