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Though it is commonly said that women are women’s worst enemies, we see women today standing up for fellow women and being their support system. This Women’s Day, we saw this to be a common theme in the posts on social media. Netflix, while promoting their show ‘Bombay Begums’, also brought out the same ideology in the run-up to its release. This includes their influencer-driven campaign on Instagram, ‘Begums for Begums’.

Influencer marketing is a crucial aspect of any promotional campaign. But with everyone taking this path, it's important to create differentiation. Netflix managed just that with the #BegumsForBegums campaign. Through a simple campaign of posting personalised Women’s Day messages, celebrating the women in their lives, the influencers managed to rake up curiosity about the show.

Taking the curiosity quotient a notch higher, most of the influencers in their post description refer to a dialogue from the show, “Real begums fix each other's crown”. However, this is done really subtly and it comes across more as a Women’s Day post than a promotional post. Here, the timing has been really helpful. Since the show was released on Women’s Day, it seems like an organic post for the same purpose.

Several women influencers shared their ‘Begum’ photos on Instagram— with a crown sticker on their head and a personal note celebrating the ‘Begums’ of their lives. They also tagged other women who have supported them and nominated them to share a similar post, resulting in 10x content posted on Instagram, increasing the reach of the campaign.

For example, digital creator Aashna Hegde shared a post tagging the women who have supported her in her life.

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The choice of influencers also plays a key role in creating an impactful campaign. Netflix has roped in a wide array of influencers coming from diverse domains such as fitness, fashion, entertainment, beauty, etc. Even the cast of the show—Pooja Bhatt, Shahana Goswami, Plabita Manu and Aadhya Anand—shared these posts on their social media handles. The choice of influencers becomes even more relevant as these women are often seen sharing women-centric posts on their feed. They are also modern and relatable women.

For example, Sukriti, a digital creator, is known to share funny reels and videos on her feed. In some of her posts, she’s seen calling out gender stereotypes and sexism, making her a perfect fit for this campaign.

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Among the cast, Pooja Bhatt shared a meaningful post pledging her love and support to all the Begums of her life. “Life would be bereft of colour, fragrance and flight without each of you!” she wrote.

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Amruta Subhash, who plays the role of Lily in the show, dedicated her post to her grandma, saying “This Women's Day I am celebrating all the Begums who have helped me get to where I am. The first Begum in my life has been my grandma.”

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In a campaign executed by Glitch, they have managed the right mix of known faces and micro-influencers as it makes the posts seem more organic and also helps to reach a more diverse audience.

The campaign works really well as it addresses the theme of ‘women supporting women’. It is also interesting for the followers to get a glimpse of the influencers’ lives as they share their personal stories of women who have helped them reach where they are today.

According to data provided by content marketing agency Sheeko, the influencer-driven campaign has reached over five million people in a media value pegged at about Rs 20 lakh.

Netflix is talked about by some celebrity every now and then, giving it a very high reach all through the year.

Sheeko Brandscore graph of the brand’s performance on Instagram over one year: